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Thursday Workshops:

With Beth Aggett and Anne Brattinga.


What will you learn in these workshops?

You will learn how to sing beautiful harmonies in workshop 1.

You will learn how to sing the best solo's in workshop 2.

You will learn to sing like Stevie Wonder in workshop 3.

We will put everything together in workshop 4.

Minimum of 8 participants.


Times: 20.00-22.00

Location: Q-Factory, Amsterdam

Cost: €75,-

1: April 2 Harmony and improvisation

2: April 16 Solo and Group singing (masterclass setting)

3: June 4 Stevie Wonder repertoire

4: August 8: all day long workshop all things combined into one arrangement.

Time on Sunday: 10.00-17.00

Location: Q-Factory, Amsterdam

Cost: €150,-


Book all these workshops in one go:

Cost: €300,-

We would love to see you there!


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