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Choirs/Our groups:


*** The New Amsterdam Gospel Group

**  Vocal Group 628

Zangschool Singing Circle has several groups:

Find the group of your preference and sign up now!


The New Amsterdam Gospel Group (***) is an audition-based choir. We have two choir directors:

- Beth Aggett is a singer, musicologist, arranger and choir director from London, UK. She has been living in Amsterdam for 5 years now. She’s especially good at improvising and creating harmonies on the spot.

- Anne Brattinga, stage name: Anne Suzanne, is a singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. She is the founder of Zangschool Singing Circle and the second director of this group.


The group rehearses 12 times per season, on Wednesday evenings

In the group sessions you learn:


  • Singing complicated harmonies

  • Improving your pitch

  • Vocal technique

  • Blending

  • Vocal improvisation

  • Taking a solo

We sing our own arrangements and some existing material in genres ranging from gospel to soul to jazz.

Performances: at least 2, up to 4 per season.

Where? Cantina Vocaal,  Amsterdam

When? Wednesday 20 tot 22 uur

Cost? €300 ex tax per season


Check our facebook page for videos of our performances.



The New Amsterdam Gospel Group


Sing International Amsterdam

Sing International Amsterdam (**)

Vocal Group 628 zijn ca. 20 volwassen leden. Het is een internationaal gezelschap en de voertaal is engels.

We zingen pop, jazz, wereldmuziek.

Wil jij leren samen zingen?

We zingen soms van bladmuziek, soms op het gehoor.

We treden in ieder geval 2 keer per jaar op.

Je leert veel over samenzang, zangtechniek en

muziek maken.

Waar? Q-Factory,  Amsterdam

Wanneer? Dinsdag 20 tot 21.30 uur

Kost? €300 ex btw per seizoen

Sing International Amsterdam (**) is a very international group. We have members from all over the world.

So if you feel like joining a singing group that uses English as rehearsal language, feel welcome to give it a try. Just leave us a message and join us during one of our rehearsals.

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